Anyone in the company can create and add a baloonr. To add a baloonr, click on the 'Start New Baloonr' button at the top-right of your screen.

You will be taken through the setup wizard, asking you for the baloonr question, prompt, or topic; the group you would like to participate (You can invite multiple people at once by adding a group and/or add people individually); the date/time by when need the top information and insights from the group; and anonymity status. (By default, all baloonrs are posted anonymously; however, if you'd like the baloonr invitation to participants to include your name as the author, clicking the checkmark will remove anonymity and link the baloonr with your name. Your participation throughout the rest of baloonr remains anonymous!)

After your information is all set, you'll be shown a review screen. If everything looks good, click on the ‘Submit Baloonr’ button to post it. Each invited participant will immediately receive a notification email stating that they’ve been invited to your baloonr. They’ll also receive an email notification (captured in a Daily Digest) each time the baloonr enters a new stage.

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